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I have been an architectural photographer my whole professional career here in my native Portland. Now that I am retired I am still enjoying the reasons I got interested in photography to begin with, but with far fewer demands and distractions. As a professional, I would try to balance career challenges as much as I could with that same fine art intent, sensing that the creative component was also important to making a stronger commercial message. In other words, I wanted all of my photography to have the strength of intent that fine art is respected for. I pursued my personal work alongside my commercial work seeking to strengthen the harmony between the two rather than seeing distinctions.

I remember that even as a kid, I was fascinated in Portland’s Willamette River movable bridges for their implicit mystery as much as for their obvious importance to the functioning of our city. These movable bridges are one-offs and each is distinctly individual. The experience of being within these century old structures as they open and close to river traffic is an iconic Portland experience.

You can reach me at 503.314.1635 or email me at gary@garywilsonphoto.com